Animated Videos For Your Business

So, you've decided to incorporate animated video into your Practice. This could be one of the smartest investments you’ll ever make and so here's how it works...

Firstly, what message do you want to share? Here's a few ideas:

  • What makes your business different
  • Meet the team - cartoon characters or actual photographs of the team
  • Your Practice Promise / Your Team Contract
  • Your patient journey - broken down into a series of touch points
  • 'How to' series such as how to clean your specs, how to maintain their shape etc
  • Why choose you for sunglasses - your top reasons
  • New product launch - such as a new frame collection or lens
  • Explainer video - such as varifocals or your prescription explained or even refractive conditions/disorders
  • See well, look great - fashion frame styling
  • Frame of the month
  • Offers/Promotions
  • Seasonal events
  • Christmas and Birthday animations
  • New equipment launch such as OCT etc
  • Staff training videos such as how to measure accurately

The list is endless and all it needs is your imagination which will be discussed with you in order to obtain a script. The script is used to design the animation and this is with or without narration.

All videos can be produced in full HD including 1080p as below for no extra charge:

Your animated video starts from just £1.00 per second with a minimum charge of 40 seconds equating to just £40.00 plus vat.

Once you have a script for your video, here are the full investment options:

Individual Solutions

  • 1 bespoke video using your logo/images (responsibility for copyright images is with you) with a minimum charge for 40 seconds charged at £1.00 per second plus vat, emailed to you. This has background music but no bespoke voice narration and allows 1 video correction. (e.g 1 minute 26 seconds is charged at £86.00 plus vat)


  • Starting price as above but with added voice narration from your script. This also includes background music as per example video. Voice narration is charged at £40.00 for up to 1 minute. Anything over 1 minute is charged at an additional £20.00 per minute (e.g 1 minute 26 seconds is charged at £60.00 plus vat)


  • If you would like subtitles added to match the narration, this is charged at just £1.00 per second plus vat

Value Solutions

  • 12 months package - 1 generic full HD up to one minute optical video sent per month (no logo, no choice) based on optical scenarios for your customers charged at £40.00 per month plus vat based on a minimum 12 months subscription.


  • VIP 12 months package - 12 bespoke full HD videos with voice narration included for up to 1.5 minutes charged at just £99 per month (value of £1800) for a minimum of 12 months (1 PER MONTH) 


Script Writing

If you need us to write a script for you with a strong call to action (via consultation on the phone or email) then we can do this too for a minimal cost of just £50.00 per 2 minutes of video.


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