Discus Behavioural Profiling

How well do you know your team?

Discus profiling provides a complete report on what motivates an individual

and explains how to maximise their performance.

Discus can make a significant difference to the way you recruit, manage and develop your people. How easy is it for a competitor to open up directly opposite your business and emulate the range of services and products you provide?

Maybe another competitor is considering that right now. In any business environment this is possible, but what is much more difficult is to transport the culture of a Company and the relationship it has with its customers through excellent service delivered by loyal, committed and highly trained staff.

Your people are your greatest assets – your secret weapon!

Research shows that the most successful businesses really understand the motivations of their people. Fully understanding your staff gives you a powerful insight into their working style enabling you to know what motivates them, and how to get the best from them.

We often recruit people for the wrong reasons and fail to understand where the process went wrong. Employing the wrong people is a costly business in itself.                       

Discus–the prescription for your Business

How can Discus help you build a successful business through your people…?

Discus is a highly cost-effective and time-efficient work style assessment tool for use in recruitment, training and development. 

Discus automatically generates a detailed profile analysis, based on the four key characteristics of an individual’s behaviour: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. 

Discus is based on the internationally established DISC theory. The DISC system is a proven methodology and has been used to create accurate profiles of people from all kinds of organisations, in all kinds of roles, all over the world. 

Discus is the latest development in DISC theory and sets the new standard in behavioural profiling. 

Discus helps you to interpret and analyse the results in easily understandable and comprehensive reports. 

Discus can even suggest relevant exploratory questions to use in interview, appraisal and development processes. 

The result: clear, objective information for better decision-making.

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