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Sadly, many Independent practice owners are struggling to compete in the current market. The Optical marketplace has evolved beyond recognition and only those practices who adapt to this changing world will survive.

Even previously well-established practices who have historically been very successful and enjoyed the benefits of healthy profits are beginning to feel the pinch and are struggling by on ever decreasing profits. Consumers are experiencing a period of ‘abundance of choice’. The ability to select from Multinational, national and local Companies, to be able to purchase from previously impossible supply options such as supermarkets and the Internet, has turned purchasing decisions on their head.

Armed with the ability to access information never previously available, the average consumer is confident of making purchasing decisions away from the traditional sources of information, you the expert. In 2019 over 80% of purchasing decisions in the UK are now made BEFORE the customer meets a potential supplier.

What does this mean to you? Well, if you are the owner of an Independent Opticians, unless you have changed and adapted your processes to meet this challenge then the chances are that your patient base is shrinking. The consumer is feeling empowered to make decisions that they would previously be completely ignorant to. Unless we can get the correct information to our patient then this is likely to continue getting worse.

Most Independent Opticians are in a period of decline, they are experiencing an ever-shrinking return on their recall process. Meaning that they are seeing less people year on year.

It is also probable that your ‘conversion’ rates are reducing. More and more patients are deciding to stick with what they have, or worse still, take their prescription away with them to ‘shop around’ (they probably won’t tell you this and are more likely to politely leave by saying they will ‘pop back’ later) but unfortunately your competition is actively seducing and educating your patients to do exactly this.

Now the good news…

It doesn’t have to be like this! There are Independent Opticians all around the country thriving in these challenging times. They have become aware of these challenges and adapted accordingly. Practices who ‘get it’ will build deeper relationships with their patients, they will actively encourage new patients to join them and they will have processes in place to make it simple and obvious to invest in quality eyecare and eyewear solutions. These patients will stay with them for life and act like magnets in attracting their friend and families to experience the same fantastic service.

All this can be daunting for practice owners. You probably didn’t go into business to become a marketing guru or a sales genius. Its ok to seek help. Its ok to say that I don’t know what to do and of course its ok to get help in doing this

You probably already get help in running your business. You probably have an accountant to assist you on all things financial, you probably get assistance with HR matters when there are issues regarding staff  so why on earth wouldn’t you enlist help and support for what will probably be the most important aspect of your business – achieving financial stability?

…and that’s exactly what the turn around programme will do for you.

The turn around programme is unlike any other coaching programme available. For a small investment you will have a virtual senior member of staff working with you on your business.

The Programme will comprise an intensive coaching structure where, with my assistance, you will gain a deep understanding of your business, compile a robust business plan to drive the financial performance of your practice through its breakeven and towards the desired level where you can receive the personal and financial rewards of a successful business owner.

This will certainly require dynamic change and can only happen if we set a process in place to drive real change.

Perhaps a little daunting at first, the whole process becomes highly enjoyable for the whole team as performance starts to turn and targets are achieved along the way. Change becomes infectious and can inspire the whole team to want to perform at a level that drives even greater results.

This change is driven from the following proven techniques and structure:

  1. Initial telephone coaching call

Where we are now

During this call we will take a deep view into the past and current performance of the practice. We will agree and calculate a series of key performance indicators (kpi’s) that will form the basis of performance measurement throughout the process and put an action plan together.

  1. Choice of a bespoke team training event delivered at your practice (reduced to just £600)

Created to get your team motivated and on-board to help drive change and improvements in all areas of your customer experience

  1. Fortnightly coaching calls

To ensure that we keep on track, we will have fortnightly coaching call where we ensure that we remain on track by reviewing progress and discussing strategies for the next two weeks.

  1. Full critiquing Service and ‘Swipe File’

To review any submitted marketing materials to assist creativity and provision of marketing material from a ‘vault’ of tried and trusted material to use as a starting point – a potential huge time saving.

  1. Quarterly get together as a group

Review your journey and deal with challenges as well as leadership skills training

Material and topics covered:

Each coaching session will include specific information and agreed action points designed to drive performance which will be customised from information gathered during our meetings. This can comprise:

Fast Cash strategies

If there are cash flow challenges within the business, then we can implement a number of carefully selected strategies to speed cash into the business. Think of it as a plaster cast to protect the business from further damage whilst we repair the processes within to gain a full recovery back to good health

Patient Journey

To review and agree the best patient journey and customer experience for the practice. To ensue high levels of patient satisfaction, ensure the journey is ergonomically sound, create unique service provision, maximise commercial opportunity such as conversion and average order value and build in testimonial gathering and referral processes.

Price Lists and Suppliers

Review pricing strategies and suppliers to ensure that gross profit margins are maximised, and the price lists are ‘patient friendly’


Review staffing levels, recruitment, costs, motivation and any issues

Practice Layout

Full review of practice layout and explore opportunities of change to support ‘touch points’ throughout the patient journey

Marketing And Recall

Full review of patient recall process, Discussion around positioning and agreeing ‘ideal patient profiles’ then considering marketing (message, market, medium) to build brand consistency and clarity. Build robust marketing ‘legs’ using proven test and measure techniques.


This is a full minimum 12-month programme with the option to ‘roll on’ indefinitely with just 60 days’ notice to end should either party wish to stop after the first 12 months

The cost is £400 per month paid by direct debit or standing order monthly in advance


2021 Special Offer

We've gone online! I am therefore offering this service as a special £400 £200 £100 per month until we able to get back on the road, no tie-in, you can cancel if you see no postive results in your business

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