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Are you ready to get excited about your business again? Listen to some comments from one of our 2015 Bootcamps.

The Think MBO programme has continually had fantastic results with many practice owners experiencing almost instant business growth. We have several practice owners gaining like for like growth in excess of 20% after just one month. How much value would that add to your bottom line?

Feedback from the businesses that are starting to realise instant growth is that the process begins with you “the owner” getting excited and going back to the basics and exploring the “why“ you are doing what you are doing.

This starts a chain reaction and the infectious passion, self belief and renewed confidence is then picked up by the staff and this positive impact has shown immediate results.

Join us on the MBO programme and together we’ll coach, support, explore and test working on your business until we unlock the full potential of you, your staff and your business performance.

Your practice will grow, your sense of worth will increase, your confidence will bloom and you’ll be totally reinvigorated for your business venture with an excitement you only once dreamed of.

So why wouldn’t you join?

You may be thinking that it’s a lot of money to invest in yourself and your practice:  

The MBO is a fantastic investment! We will introduce you to methods that will pay back the cost of the course several times over. Just one process – ‘the seven keys’ will deliver tens of thousands of pounds profit directly onto your bottom line. We will be there with you to devise, implement and review your unique action plan.

It’s a day away from the business and I can’t afford that:

Our MBO members have already seen the real benefit of mixing and networking with like-minded professionals. Evolution gives real shape and purpose to the vital skill of working ON your business. The Evolution events are once a month and we provide coaching calls every couple of weeks to keep you on track of your business growth.

You already have a long list of actions to implement from previous training events:

It is not just about creating great ideas. It’s about prioritising, implementing, measuring, reviewing and constantly improving. We will help you to mirror the actions of successful entrepreneurs and business owners to make sure that you are delivering success all the way through to completion.

What’s included?

The development days will be fun, challenging and interactive but will deliver real growth results both in your leadership skills and in your business and people management.

It’s reported that businesses which don’t grow are the ones who fail to act – they don’t make decisions and therefore don’t take action - due mainly to fear of failure. By taking action today, we will remove any fear or doubts you have by supporting you as you develop and grow your business!

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